The E-debit note service is extended to :

  • all the students of the University
  • with exception to
    1. new students,
    2. resuming students and
    3. students of the Center of Continuing Education (CCE).

Please follow the important instructions below for printing E-Debit Note:

  1. Use new white A4 paper (single side).
  2. The E-Debit Note should be clearly printed.
  3. Ensure that the E-Debit Note has been completely well printed from the downloaded page(s).
  4. The bank will not accept the payment if the E-Debit Note is improperly printed.

Important Note:
The E-Debit Note should not contain any alterations. The UM reserves the right to take appropriate action against student who alters the content of the E-Debit Note who may also be subject to criminal prosecution.

Payment Methods:

Payment at Bank’s Counter:

Within the payment period stated on the E-Debit Note, payment can be deposited into the University’s account at any branch of Banco Nacional Ultramarino or Bank of China (Macau Branch). Cheques drawn on other banks should be presented to BNU or BOC two working days prior to the payment due date.

On-line Payment through Internet Banking:
User of Banco Nacional Ultramarino, Bank of China (Macau Branch) or Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Macau) Limited can settle the payment through the online banking service provided by BNU, BOC or ICBC before 19:00 on the payment due date stated on the E-Debit Note. Otherwise, it will be considered as late payment. Fees for online banking transaction (if any) shall be borne by students. Please contact your bank for the procedures of on-line payment.

Payment Methods (outside Macau only)

Please refer to :

Late Payments
Late payment, i.e. after the payment due date on the debit note, will only be accepted if (a) endorsement from relevant office, which may be Registry, Graduate School, Residential College or Postgraduate House as appropriate; and (b) relevant administrative charges or fees according to the University’s rules and regulations are fully settled.